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Creative Therapeutic Workshops 

We understand how stressful high-pressure roles can get. We are here to provide a safe, comfortable space for working professionals to de-stress and bond with one another outside of the regular work environment. We cater to teams businesses, hospitals, and organizations to offer engaging therapeutic art workshops designed to foster creative thinking, collaboration, team building, and stress-relief. 

This article from Forbes highlights the importance of increasing employee retention and keeping employees engaged through arts & culture programs!

Our workshops provide a unique and enjoyable experience, encouraging a creative mindset within teams. Group rates vary based on size, location, goals, and supplies needed. 

Community Events

We're dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for individuals to harness the power of art for personal growth, healing, and community connection. Although we understand the importance of utilizing creative time for introspection and reflection on an intimate, personal level, we also believe in the power of community. 

Our events offer platforms for self-expression and connection with fellow creatives. From co-hosted open mic and art nights to attending local cultural outings, we promote a sense of belonging and support networks for individuals.

See our Community Engagement page for more details on past events. 



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