Other Services

Educational Outreach 

We provide information as guest speakers for high schools, colleges, businesses, medical hospitals, and mental health centers that want to know about the profession of art therapy. Contact us if interested!

Supervision for Art Therapists and Art Therapy Students 

(ATR-P) Art Therapy Supervision provided for art therapists; Interns are welcome from all Art Therapy Masters degree programs. Please reach out if you're interested in supervision with Joe's Art Time.

Disaster Response 

Joe's Art Time organizes and provides disaster response efforts following man-made and natural disasters in the state of Florida and beyond. We are passionate about supporting impacted communities, working with Stars of Hope to provide an artmaking experience that gives survivors an opportunity to de-stress, connect, and build hope as they rebuild their communities. 



Creative thinking

Creative Flow

Self Expression

Self Fulfillment

Stress Relief

Healing from Trauma



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