Art Therapy Services

Ongoing Group Art Therapy Sessions

Provided for organizations interested in group art therapy for healing physical and emotional challenges. Along with artmaking and therapeutic techniques, we include community-based arts and culture opportunities in our services. We specialize in treating various forms of trauma, as we serve children's hospitals, SUD & addiction facilities, assisted living facilities, foster care group homes, veterans programs, mental health facilities, those experiencing homelessness and more.

Benefits of Art Therapy with Joe’s Art Time: 

  • Specialized services for your organizations needs
  • Holistic approach to treatment 
  • Tailored support for various backgrounds and abilities 
  • Participate in local community exhibitions 
  • Free museum visits 
  • Group process notes 

Directive Based Programs

We incorporate goal-oriented creative directives, catered to specific populations' needs and abilities. We consider any current treatment philosophies, goals, and models, as well as organizational needs when designing art therapy directives. At the end of each group art therapy session, participants are encouraged to look within and share how what they created reflects what they are experiencing internally, as well as any final thoughts about the session, providing an opportunity to gain insight and a sense of closure from the art therapist to end each session. 

bridge drawing


Not sure what an art directive is?

The Bridge Drawing is a well-known directive
used to gain insight into a person's functioning,
sense of self, perception of their environment,
and measure problem-solving skills and goals. 

Open Studio Based Programs

Open studio programs allow for participants to have access to a wide range of materials and complete freedom of expression in the presence of an art therapist. This model provides a sense of independence and autonomy for individuals, and works well for groups where participants have different levels of interest in artmaking. The art therapist is present and available throughout the session to meet individually to ask questions and process with each participant as needed. 

paper flower

Joe's Art Time currently provides a weekly

open art studio, Art Expressionsat the Portico in downtown Tampa to

individuals who are experiencing  homelessness.


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Hays, R. E., & Lyons, S. J. (1981). The bridge drawing: A projective technique for assessment in art therapy. The Arts in Psychotherapy8(3), 207–217.



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