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We're dedicated to providing enriching opportunities for individuals to harness the power of art for personal growth, healing, and community connection. Although we understand the importance of utilizing creative time for introspection and reflection on an intimate, personal level, we also believe in the power of community. Our events go beyond traditional therapy sessions, offering platforms for participants to express themselves creatively, share their work, and engage with fellow creatives. From co-hosted open mic and art nights to attending local cultural outings, we promote a sense of belonging and support networks for individuals on their journeys.

  • a woman singing and people sitting at a table conversing in front of the singer

    Inner Dimensions

    This Art and Open Mic Night focused on self-exploration and identity. We highlighted what it means to understand ourselves as individuals in order to better understand our community!

    - Joe's Art Time and The Portico
  • a man holding a drink with a custom designed drink sleeve

    Convergence of Energy 

    This Art and Open Mic Night was all about synergy and creative energy. Local artists showcased work reflecting the theme, whether in the form of abstract, gestural brush strokes or through representing warm sunrise skies. The Open Mic performances highlighted a handful of local poets, singers, and comedians that we enjoyed supporting.

    Joe's Art Time and the Portico collaborated with a local pianist, who is currently living outside, to provide live music during the art gallery opening. This event also showcased a collaboration with University of Tampa design students, who worked with us to help promote the event through a specialty "Convergence of Energy" drink sleeve. The final product was a true representation of our joint mission to create a community for individuals and creatives in the Tampa area. 

    Show More - Joe's Art Time and the Portico
  • an artist in speaking into a microphone about her painting

    Hope, Healing, and Humanity

    This Art and Open Mic Night showcased many community artists, including painters, poets, musicians, and comedians. 

    The art on display for this exhibition highlighted the theme of "Hope, Healing, and Humanity." Participating artists include local artists experiencing homelessness, University of Tampa art therapy students, Florida veterans, and individuals in recovery from SUD. 

    Show More - Joe's Art Time and The Portico
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    Veteran Open Mic

    We had the privilege of attending a special Veteran Open Mic event, alongside two wounded warrior clients. It was an evening filled with courage, creativity, and camaraderie as our clients took the stage to share their stories and talents. Surrounded by fellow veterans, caregivers, and supporters, the event provided a nurturing space for self-expression and connection. We're honored to have been part of this experience, highlighting the resilience and artistic spirit of our veterans.

    Show More - Joe's Art Time



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