Art Therapy-Informed Services

Art Therapy-Informed Care

Our art therapy-informed programs offer a tailored approach rooted in the principles of art therapy. Led by trained art therapists and teaching artists, our programs integrate trauma-informed practices, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity. While they share the ethical framework of art therapy, these services are designed for settings where clinical care might not be a primary focus. Instead, we focus on providing a safe, nurturing environment for creative expression, mindfulness, and personal growth.

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Therapeutic Art Facilitation

Art-making sessions for all mediums are tailored to your organizations interests. These sessions follow the process over product model, emphasizing self-expression, personal growth, and emotional well-being, rather than completing a perfect "final product." Through various art-based activities and techniques, we strive to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for exploration and empowerment. 

There are many different models for art programming, and we are able to adjust our approach to support specific needs. Below are two examples of how we might structure art facilitation services, but these methods can be combined and blended in a variety of ways. 

Project-Based Programs

Implemented with a specific project in mind, utilizes specific materials, theme-oriented, includes general technical education

Open Studio Based Programs

Variety mediums and supplies are available, time for free self-expression, technical education provided as needed per individual project

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Therapeutic Art Workshops

For high-stress professionals, such as mental health professionals, HR departments, healthcare workers, and more.  These workshops provide artistic expression breaks for businesses looking for a creative way to de-stress, boost team morale, build team connectivity and increase creative thinking. 

Therapeutic Art Workshops can be provided on or off-site for any organization, with art activities and mediums of your choosing! Pricing varies depending on time, location, and art activities. 

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