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Creative thinking 

Creative Flow 

Self Expression 

Self Fulfillment 

Stress Relief 

Healing from Trauma 



Services Provided

Professional Presentations 

We provide information as a guest speaker for high schools, colleges, businesses, medical hospitals, mental health centers that want to know about the profession of art therapy. Art Therapy Workshops and Self care classes are available for students and professionals to help de-stress and gain insight through the power of the creative art process. Short creative expression breaks provide 30 min sessions available for businesses looking for a creative way to increase team morale, build team connectivity and increase creative thinking. 

Art Therapy Programming. 

On going art therapy groups can be established with an art therapy facilitator. Special sessions can be arranged for organizations in need of on going art therapy for healing to gain insight into emotional strife and self awareness to the power of creativity.  Organizations we contract with include, medical hospitals, substance Abuse Facilities, assisted Living facilities, foster care group homes, mental health facilities. As available; We can provide services for individuals, couples and families. 

Volunteer Disaster Relief 

Art Therapy has been used in response with the Orlando Youth Alliance after Pulse nigh club shooting and with the Parkland tragedy, as well as response to devastation from Hurricanes in Florida. We provide resources and contacts to organizations that can provide art therapy as a healing component in time of need. 

(ATR) Art Therapy Supervision provided 


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